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About Me

Alaina Wood is a sustainability scientist, climate communicator, and eco-anxiety researcher based in the United States.

Alaina has been an environmentalist and climate activist since she was a child, because growing up in Appalachia she experienced the negative impacts coal, logging, and the petrochemical industry have on both people and planet.

She holds a bachelor's degree in sustainability and geography from the University of Tennessee, and her work as a scientist primarily focuses on solid waste management and water quality protection.

Alaina has worked in both the public and private sectors doing environmental compliance, planning, and design for solid waste facilities, public utilities, and land developers.

She is also a climate communicator who works on keeping young people engaged in climate activism by producing video content around climate issues, solutions, and calls to action.

Through her work as a climate communicator, Alaina researches how social media influences eco-anxiety rates in young people, and it's because of this work she became a vocal climate optimist.

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