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About Me

Alaina Wood is a sustainability scientist and climate communicator based in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Alaina received her bachelor’s degree in sustainability and geography from the University of Tennessee. Her work as a scientist focuses on helping rural areas manage their waste and stormwater, and she consults with local governments and developers to ensure their projects are sustainable. Prior to becoming a climate communicator Alaina worked for a private landfill company, a state government agency, a university recycling office, and a civil engineering firm.

In 2020 Alaina founded the Garbage Queen, a climate communication platform dedicated to climate science and solutions, and co-founded EcoTok, a collective of environmental educators. Her work as a climate communicator focuses on helping people manage their climate anxiety by discussing climate science and solutions and debunking climate nihilism and misinformation on social media.

So why The Garbage Queen? Alaina's nickname at work for years was "The Trash Queen" due to her intricate knowledge and passion for solid waste management. Sadly @thetrashqueen was taken when Alaina decided to start her social media pages, so she went with @thegarbagequeen instead! 

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